Friday, August 10, 2012


You might think that in a house with five vivacious indoor cats that we wouldn't have to worry about mice getting into the food.

Well, you would be right, we don't have to worry about mice.

We have to worry about the cat!  THEOOO!!!!!!!!

I like Grape Nut Flakes!!! Yum yum!!


  1. Theo!! lol. I think this makes him worse then Jack.. who has chewed through more bags of treats and dry food for the foster kittens then I care to mention, as well as a bag of wheat based litter and a bag of corn based litter..

  2. Thanks this gave me a big laugh today! Theo you are so cute!!!

  3. hahaha...... this is why mom has to put all bread in the cabinet with the dishes - Tim chews on the bags and the bread. :) (and yeah - our treats are put away too)

  4. Nothing like that would ever happen at our house...

  5. Good for the teeth...much more fun than a toothbrush!
    Jane x

  6. Now that's an interesting one! It is easier to eat than dry kibble :)

  7. I used to have a cat that would get into everything, but the idea of tearing into something left out, aside from meat on a plate, so far has not entered the minds of the cats here.

    1. Grape nuts? I would have never guessed. Maybe they remind him of kibble. Time to put the Grape Nuts in the cupboard.

  8. I'm a chex cereal man myself, harhar!

    Theo, I would be anxious to know what it is about that cereal..

    Stick with bacon and eggs w/ a side order of nip!

    Tom xx

  9. I KNEW it wasn't a mouse! lol. Cody does the same thing!

  10. LOL! It's the same way here...what we have to worry about is cat!

  11. I can tell you have an "all you can eat" restaurant!!
    How wonderful~!


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