Monday, August 13, 2012

nip fest

The kitties all enjoyed some nice nip over the weekend.

Notice how the boys are like cows, slowly grazing away on the nip...

It's a different story with Willow. 

The nip really goes to her head.

With her inhibitions down, Willow starts dancing with the table leg.

 The boys don't even notice.

Willow's always been comfortable being different, being special.

The perfect nip-face to end her dance.


  1. I think Willow subscribes to Muffin's philosophy when it comes to nip. She who wears the most nip wins!

  2. My Lucius Cornelius likes to roll in the nip too. Armand, Husi and Morgainne only like to eat it. :)

  3. hahaha.....Willow looks like she is having a nip-tastic time!!

  4. Sssshh, I've found some wild nip on the property...hoping the drug sqaud don't send a helicopter overhead in search of a grow op!
    Jane x

  5. ahhh, the joys of nip! We are the cow variety, munch munch munch!

  6. Aren't you all lucky to get that fresh nip!

  7. You kitties have made mine and moms day! And Willow...I like your style, girlfriend.

  8. Some cats are gonna have a real hangover!! :)

  9. Nip fest! What a fun! Willow is so adorable rolling abd dancing with the table leg :-)
    Being different sure is wonderful and special! I love your nip face!

  10. Hey Willow!!! We are two of a kind! You need to come over to my house and have a nip-fest with ME!!!

    Love, Cody

  11. Willow behaves "in" catnip the way my little girl Nikita does. She gets as much of it on her as she can! The boy cats just ignore it - they couldn't be bothered with catnip. It's so strange to me but they don't care about it at all!


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