Monday, August 6, 2012

weekend wrap up

It's rare to get five cats in one picture, especially when one of those cats is Oliver.

Rose was also on the front porch but outside of the camera shot. 

This weekend we finally got some hots! This was the warmest weekend we have had all year, the temps actually got to about 85°F (29°C)! The house stays fairly cool due to big trees that block most of the sun from beating on the house and we are close enough to Puget Sound that we usually get a cool breeze off the ocean that flows right through the house. Believe it or not our house actually stays cool, to cold for most of the summer. In fact just a few days ago, I had to put an extra blanket on the bed!

The warm temperature meant opening the windows for the first time this summer! The cats loved having the windows open! They have to be supervised when the windows are open because Oliver has a way of jumping up onto the outside windowsill which drives Buddy bonkers. I wouldn't want them tangling through the screen as I'm sure it would not hold back a crazed Buddy.

The hots are over now, we're back into the 70's for the rest of the week, which are our normal summer temps. That was our summer!

The Kickeroo isn't cushy enough for Buddy, he needs the Kickeroo and the fish toy!

Maine Kitties asked me about the status of Marble, the sweet kitty I met in Colorado who was needing a home. I hadn't heard anything in awhile, so I followed up with my friend who was housing him. Apparently Marble will be going with the woman who has bonded with him when she moves out of my friend's house. So, it looks like Marble has a home! Yea!!

A few other exciting things happened this weekend too, like a special nip delivery from our nip dealer and I attended a class on taming feral kittens, but you'll have to stay tuned to hear more about those exciting things.


  1. Great pic of all the kittehz. We will gladly send you sum of our hots. It's been over 100F fur the last two weeks! We're roasting down here in Oklahoma! Have a great day, furriends.

  2. A nip dealer? You have a nip dealer?!

    -Nicki and Derry

    Oh, you could take our hot weather, too, Phil. We have a break today, mercifully. It's been in the low 40s Celcius with the humidity (100+F, I believe), and it's been nasty. The boys spent most of the weekend prone on the cooler floor and seemed okay with it, but I was almost literally sick. Breathing worked up a sweat. LOL.

    I'd love to live somewhere in Canada that doesn't get a 70 to 80 degree temperature swing between summer and winter. Guess that would limit me to the west coast!

  3. Great group photo! I am always thrilled when I can get 3 or all 4 kitties in one shot. :)

    So glad to hear about Marble! Yey!

  4. Cute pic of the rug monsters!
    We had a huge storm move through and has cleared the air ...for now.
    Jane x

  5. Oh I loved seeing all of the cats..well as many as you could get into the picture. Buddy, Honey..try harder to be nice about poor Oliver who wants so much to come in and be inside family. xoxox

  6. I too was worried about opening up windows for the foster kittens, I mean moms in heat aren't anything to take lightly, so I would often open the window from the top down.

    until I saw at someone else's blog they use baby gates in the windows.. I thought it was a brilliant idea and now I use the baby gate I have... Fortunately the kittens aren't making a break for the door right now, I'm sure in the future I'm going to have to go out and get a second gate..

    and I know what you mean about getting all the kitties in one shot. It has only happened over here once that didn't involve food..

  7. What we'd give for temperatures in the 70's. Our daytime highs were over 100 for 37 days in a row. This week will be the high 90's.

    Great shot of the cats. I'm glad to hear Marble has a home.

  8. Yeah for Marble. :)

    We would love for it to be in the 70s most of the time here. Heck - it doesn't get too far into the 70s at night here right now.

  9. wow, your "normal" summer temps are in the 70s? I need to move there....FAST!!!!

    I am in Michigan and we have been averaging in the 90s and low 100s! I can't wait for fall!!

    Loved your photo!

  10. We are finally getting some cools...around 80. It's been so hot!!


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