Wednesday, August 31, 2011

black kitty update

Since building the new cat house for the black kitty on Saturday, it hasn't returned. My concern was growing, but today, it decided to come back and visit. Luckily, I saw it coming before Buddy did, so I was able to lock Buddy away before he knew what was going on.

Before I get too far, I feel the need to apologize for the fuzzy pictures. It's embarrassing, but the fuzziness is because the windows haven't been cleaned in way too long. I hope to get that done this weekend!

I was happy to see the black kitty chowing down on the Meow Mix I have been leaving out for it.

8/30/11 5:35:50pm

It never eats much of the food however. It eats a little then trots off. I'm pleased so see the sheen on it's coat looks glossy, that seems like a good sign. However, it still looks skinny.

8/30/11 5:36:22pm

Less than a minute after leaving the Meow Mix, it hears something in the tall grass and pounces.

8/30/11 5:36:33pm

Success! Apparently the black kitty prefers fresh prey over Meow Mix! I'm not sure I can blame it, I'm using some of the food I won in the giveaway to feed it.

8/30/11 5:36:53pm

8/30/11 5:50:12pm
There is a pile of rocks in the tall grasses that it likes to hang out on to listen for prey.

8/30/11 5:50:52pm
I have left these grasses uncut in this part of the yard specially for this kitty, because I know it likes to hunt there. I regularly remove the blackberries that try to grow there as I don't want ity getting scratched by the thorns.
8/30/11 5:56:01pm
One of the things I love about cats is how they retain their wildness. Watching the black kitty hunt is like watching an African Safari right out your window. Very cool!

8/30/11 5:57:45pm
After the fresh meal, the black kitty went over to check out it's new home. Whenever I make one of my cats a new home out of a blanket or a box, they always find it and seem to know it was meant for them. I am hoping the same will be true for the black kitty, that it will somehow just know that this house was create especially for it.

8/30/11 5:58:38pm
The black kitty entered the home and checked out the accomodations. Before moving, one must consider all the options. So, I don't expect it to move in right away, it has much to think about before making such a decision but I was very excited to see it explore its new home!

8/30/11 5:58:55pm
Annie, our new cat sitter, works at our vet's office as a vet tech and she shares my compassion for kitties, especially homeless ones. She was over at the house on Saturday meeting all our cats and she got to see the black kitty and wants to help it too. She thinks it may be so skinny due to having worms, so she is bringing me some dewormer medicine to feed it. I'm still trying to figure out how to deliver the medicine since it doesn't seem to visit on a regular schedule. I'm thinking of mixing it up in a little wet food and then keeping an eye on it so the crooked-tail kitty doesn't get it.

I really hope it likes its new home. This weekend, if I'm healthy enough, I think I will go ahead and add a window to the front of the cat house. I'll also build a separate structure for covering the food. I'm also gonna clean the windows so I can get better pictures!


  1. It is so sweet to see the new kitty with his head out the door...adorable. You are doing a great job creating a nice home for it. Even providing a thornless hunting ground...lucky kitty!

  2. I'll be watching with interest to see what happens next.

  3. Hooray !!!! He got into your house !!! I'm sure he will love it..OMC !!! we are so happy to see him in : )
    This is wonderful post, Thank you

    PS : Mom said you don't need to clean the window, you can fix in photoshop ; ) Mom does all the time !

  4. That cat house is fantastic and we're glad Black Kitty is using it! Come the winter, Black Kitty will appreciate the dry food more, we're sure.

    Yes, we'd try the dewormer in some canned.

    Our mom gives Toby the stray/abandoned/neglected (we're not sure, he's a mystery) canned food every morning and leaves dry out too. He prefers canned, even the cr*ppy cheap stuff she gives him. She hasn't made his shelter yet, is guessing he won't use it, since he seems to find good shelter somewhere.

  5. I'm glad the black kitty is checking out the new house. He is very handsome!

  6. We purray you will be blessed for what you are doing for Black kitty....people like you are totally pawsome!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Mom says you can mix the dewormer into canned food. We love that you are taking care of this "backyard" panther. MOL Hopefully you can catch him, get him checked out, neutered and then let him live back there....

    Oh - and at least your windows are just fuzzy - our have nose and paw prints on them.

  8. I am amazed the cat went into the house so soon! Normally you can never get a cat to do what you want! As far as names go for the black cat, I suggest "BC" ((for Black Cat, get it?)


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