Tuesday, August 9, 2011

snuggle practice

You never know what you will find when you make an unannounced stop by home for lunch. In this case I found Rose and Nahum practicing their snuggle skills. We all know that practice makes perfect. Athletes don't make it to the Olympics without lots of practice, same applies for kitties looking to compete in the snuggle competition.

Rose & Nahum look a bit surprised to be caught.

It didn't take long to shake the surprised look and return to the matter of the snuggle.

Rose tries to bury her face into Nahum's fluff.

Before I get into some of the dynamics of this snuggle, a note about the pictures. I realize the cuteness of these pictures is immense. I couldn't bring myself to reduce the size of the photos, so to get the full effect, click on the pictures to open them in a larger size. 

Now a short commentary. First off, you will see Nahum again in the anchor position, a position he is very comfortable with. Rose this time has decided to face into the snuggle. Her choice to orient inward really makes this snuggle. She gives too variants in position, first the cheek-to-cheek pose followed by the face-tucked-in-floof pose.

I'm very thankful to have cats from different backgrounds who adore each other. Nahum is really the one who makes the hobby cattery go around.


  1. The mom's never had cats (and she's only had 4 as an adult) that snuggle like that. It's *so* sweet! (Okay, we snuggled a bit when Derry was first adopted, but it didn't take long for that to stop and the wrassling to start. LOL.)

  2. Ahhhh.....Nahum is such a great mancat. And we love that first picture "busted!". MOL

  3. Your snuggle posts are so great...Mommy would like to link to the one you did yesterday on Sunday 8/14 if that's ok?

  4. So precious! Nahum is a very Aslan-like cat.

  5. Lovely Magic !!! I never snuggle with anyone, This is Magic for me !
    But I do Tussle..Tee..Hee

  6. Wir haben uns soo lieb, scheinen die beiden sagen zu wollen;)

    LG Claudia

  7. Those two sure are snuggly. We have two here that snuggle too. It is so great when they snuggle like that. Rose, you and Naham, you sure look comfy there. Great stuff. Hope all of you have a super Sunday.

  8. Bugs! Pay attention! Look! Nahum snuggles on more than just one day! Bugs? Where? Is there is a Bugs in this house? Oh. Right. OutTV. Of course. Bugs is addicted to OutTV. Daytime OutTV, if TV weren't bad enough. Where did I get this cat? He's no relation of mine.

  9. We do snuggle but only rarely with our heads together - we're more back to back!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. wow! what snugglers!! our mommer would faint dead away if she saw ennycat besides ed an' nitro cuddlin', cold OR hot!


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