Sunday, August 7, 2011

new home

When Max died, we had him cremated. Since then, we have struggled with what to do with his ashes. Ideally, I would spread them in his yard and take comfort that he is now able to freely enjoy his yard unencumbered by a leash and harness.

Max enjoying his yard,  2009

The difficulty lies in knowing his yard is doomed. Two options exist for the future of our little house and Max's yard. The value of our property lies in the land not the house itself. When we move, our house will be torn down and the land developed into condos. The second option is that it becomes a rental for a period of time and thoroughly trashed before being torn down. Both options make me sad as the house is over a 100 years old and delightful, however, because the house is old and small (less than 1000 sqft), it doesn't fit with today's hunger for super-sized McMansions.

My house, 1910, when it was brand new

Picturing a bunch of druggies and alcoholics trashing up Max's yard is not comforting nor is picturing his yard being developed into condos. So, we have chosen to hold onto his ashes for now. Previous to today, his ashes remained in the little urn that was provided from the vet's office. I had collected many of his favorite toys, some pictures and the paw impression provided with the urn and had them in a box on my dresser. I tried to keep it high enough so the other cats wouldn't bother his things, but I feared one day his toys would be looted.

I have been wanting a better resting place for Max. Recently, I saw these small wooden memory boxes at Costco. I like the look of this simple box a lot more so than the temporary box I have been using. It arrived earlier this week and today I moved Max's ashes and assorted keepsakes into his new home. Sometime down the road, I still would like to set his ashes free in an area that feels right, but for now, his remains rest in a dignified little wooden box on my dresser.


  1. The memory box is very nice, actually, and I don't think Max would mind that his ashes are being kept.

    You know, I don't have Chumley's ashes, just a tiny bit of fur, and would like to have *more* of him, if that makes sense. But I do have Annie's ashes and yet, it's no comfort to me. Actually, it saddens me and I try not to look at the urn very often, because a few grains is so little and in no way encompasses her large personality. I think, with grief, that that's all that left of such a "large" presence. :-/

    Really, it's too bad about your house and property. Here, too, land is at a premium, and I see large existing city lots being sold and houses squeezed onto them, houses with no real backyard or *space*. Bleh. I live in a townhouse, so there is no real "yard," but at least I didn't have to pay $400 - $500K for my tiny box.

  2. Our mom has kept the ashes of the ones that came before us too. She thought about sprinkling them somewhere in the yard where they loved to be...but there's always the chance that we would move and then they wouldn't be with us anymore. So mom keeps them in the box that they came back from the vet. She likes that memory box you found. Maybe she'll look at getting something like that for them.

  3. I think you made the right choice. I have two buried on my property plus one stranger I interred. I put them where I figured they would not be exhumed building or planting anything by any new owner. If I do move I will have to leave them behind, but I am not planning on leaving. I do not think I would like leaving them behind. Cat statuary marks their locations. My next door neighbor has a pet semet3ry in his woods ala Stephen King.

  4. For now that seems like the best solution. Sometimes I wish I'd cremated my cat in case we move. When our Coco died last year, we buried her in the garden by the old barn. It used to be a farm and figure there must be other animals buried here. We've lived here for ten years and have no idea when we'll move, but we'll cross that bridge then.

  5. Happy Monday to you all,
    Mom and I saw your comment over on Mr. Puddy's blog. We wanted to come by to say hi!!

    Max's new resting place seems very appropriate to us. It is a box for treasures and Mas was certainly a treasure. I expect he is gently purring his approval.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Thanks to share story of wonderful Max to us.
    I think Max will be happy to be close to you everywhere you are.
    Hugs to you


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