Friday, August 5, 2011

lurking shoes

I recently ordered some new shoes from LL Bean and was happy to see they arrived today!

Considering all the risks these days with receiving packages, Nahum, the resident box expert, thought it might be best if we screened this package for any hazardous items or lurking critters.

First comes the visual inspection. Hmmm... Everything looks in order...

Can't be too careful these days, a visual inspection doesn't always cut it. 
Sometimes you gotta risk gettin' your paw dirty.
 A quick sweep with the paw will reveal any lurkers...

Oh my!! What's this?! I think I found something!

There's a nose and some eyes...

a tail!!
Quick, secure the top!

I'll keep the lurker trapped in the box, while you secure it.

Ok, now that it's secure, I can stand down. That was a close call.

A few minutes later, the All Clear signal is heard. The box is now safe.

That means I can take a turn!!

This is a great box!

No Willow, you don't get a turn!

Go away!!

I love my new box!


  1. Wonderful series of photos! There's almost nothing better than a new box in the house! But we were expecting to see the shoes too! :-D

  2. Yikes - who knew they were sending cats with their shoes from llbean. :) We love the new box Nahum - defend it from all takers!!! Mom was wondering if maybe you should apply for a job with the TSA??

  3. Nahum is a very considerate cat to check out the box for you :) Poor Willow....maybe Nahum will let her have a turn in a little while. ;)

  4. It's not the shoes we like, it's those cool laces!=^Y^=

  5. Great post. Very cute. I like how you're cats play with the box.


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