Monday, August 22, 2011

Casita Cat Condo

The giant box from the Pawcurious Sam's Club Pet Care Product Package giveaway is a huge Cat Condo!! Our very first piece of kitty furniture! The 73" Casita Cat Condo with two residences, two perches, one dangly mouse and Willow's favorite, a nest!

All the kitties insisted on helping with the construction.

Assembling the condo was fairly simple, however, the kitties playing on it during construction made the process a lot more challenging! 

The finished product:

Willow's in the nest, Rose in the round condo and Buddy on a platform.

After construction came the rigorous quality control testing.

The cats love their new super-deluxe condo! We are still trying to figure out where it will reside in the house, for now it shares the living room. It is quite large and takes up a fair amount of room.

Thanks to Sam's Club for all the wonderful goodies and thanks to Pawcurious for having such great giveaways!


  1. Holy smokes!!! That is HUGE and AWESOME!!! Concats....

  2. Wow, we'd love to have one of those! It would take up too much space in our apartment. We know you will enjoy your new condo--make sure you have a window view!

  3. Wow!!! That is one HUGE cat condo! Way to go, guys, you struck the mother lode with that Sam's Club give-away!

  4. OMC, you guys really won the lottery! That condo rocks!!

    Lizzie & 3 kitties.

  5. Wow! That is one amazing condo. We have 2 condos here but they are not as big as the one you guys own. That is really cool. There is enough room for everyone there. Enjoy!

  6. Wow that condo looks awesome... I wonder if I can convince mum and dad to buy me one? Maybe if I say I will share it with Denali when she gets better they might consider it. I'll have to insist on a nest though because that looks so comfy.


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