Sunday, August 28, 2011

new outdoor cat house

The black kitty keeps coming around even though Buddy tries his best to scare it off. It continues to sleep under the bench in the side yard and has started to eat a little of the food I have been leaving out.

It is really interested in what goes on in the house. It likes to watch the humans. Notice the little white patch on it's chest.

After waking from a long nap, I was excited to see it check out the food I have been leaving out. Sadly, it got too freaked out from me taking pictures and ran off before it ate any food.

Lounging in the sun in the front yard.

I call this cat the "crooked-tail kitty" because it always holds it's tail like it's broken in the middle. This cat doesn't look like it needs more food and yet it always eats what the black kitty doesn't eat.

The black cat seems to be hanging around more. After watching it sleep in the rain the other day, I decided it needs a home of it's own. So, I built it a home.

I used materials that were around the house, so it didn't cost me anything except a day's labor. My original plan called for having a covered place for the food and a cozy place to sleep. 

The smaller entry space would hold the food and the larger space was for sleeping. Now that it is together, I am having second thoughts about having the food in the smaller space. I imagine if the black kitty is asleep inside and the crooked-tail kitty comes to eat the food there may be a fight. Fights are bad, so, I may build a separate little three-walled shelter just for the food.

If the kitty takes up residence here, I may spend some money and insulate the house for the winter. I also have thought of putting in a window to add some natural light and allow me to see in.

Now that it has a home, I'm gonna have to start thinking of a name for the black kitty. Any ideas?


  1. That was very kind of you to build that cute little house for him.

    How about the name Voodoo? I looked on Wikipedia and read this: The word vodou derives from vodũ, which in Fon, Ewe, and related language (distributed from contemporary South Eastern Ghana beyond the Volta River to Benin) means spirit or divine creature (in the sense of divine creation).

    I think that kitty is a divine creature!

  2. Ich finde die schwarze Katze wunderschön, so edel, wie sie auf dem einen Foto daliegt. Eine gute Idee mit dem Haus.

    Liebe Grüße


  3. I like the hinged opening roof. The trick is to get him to use it.

  4. Hmmm, Sounds like you have another family member! How about building a little porch? He is a handsome boy...Maybe he will reveal his name to you over time. I have always liked the name Percy but no one here would let me name any of our cats Percy...or Clancy.

  5. You are so nice !!! Thank you to you for them.
    I like the house, look so nice and comfy, I'm sure the feral will be happy with it

  6. It was really nice of you to build this kitty a home. I like the idea of another little place for the food so that the crocked-tail cat and the black kitty don't fight.

    As for names....Midnight or Ebony, maybe? I think Ebony is pretty. Do you know the kitty's gender by chance?

  7. WOW - great job. Mom says to tell you that this winter be sure to use straw rather than a blanket cause wet blankets tend to freeze. She is amazed by your building skills and these kitties are very lucky to have found you.

    We like the name Voodoo...the definition is great!

  8. Great kitty home! Yes, definitely put the food elsewhere to prevent fighting. How about Panther for a name? We like Ebony and Voodoo, too.

  9. Nice job. What a great kitty enclosure you made. I hope black kitty uses his new home. It looks great but better for the kitty is that it will keep him dry.


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