Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Golden Pond

Being away from the kitties is never easy. Here I am 3,000 miles away, relaxing in a small cabin in rural New Hampshire visiting my family. It's not quite Golden Pond, but it's a nice little pond tucked away in the Granite State.

Laura has graciously volunteered to take on all the kitty care taking duties at the Four White Paws Hobby Cattery while I'm away, which I am very grateful for. (Thank you Laura!)

It's been 48 hours now without any cats in my life. Even though I have driven all over, I haven't see a single cat. Do people in New Hampshire have cats?! In the absence of real cats, I have been paying attention to cat images and pictures.

Here is an ad in the local shopper for a missing cat. I hope Mishka is reunited with his family, although it seems that would take a miracle, as there is a lot of wooded land around. If you happen to see him wandering around near New London, NH please call the number in the ad.

The Seattle airport had a few cat things on display.

This cat-head-on-a-stick is suppose to be a cougar head, that I believe was carved out of wood. It was on display along with a bunch of other animals as part of some kind of Native American exhibit. The picture was hanging in the airport with a bunch of other pictures, I didn't pay attention to the theme. In the picture, it kind of looks like the guy is strangling the cat, but I think it might be resting on his leg (at least I hope so!).

Before I leave the area, I hope to meet my brother's cat to get a kitty fix. It's fun to get away for a vacation but being away is hard, I miss my kitties. It helps knowing they are being well taken care of. Oh, and of course I miss my beautiful wife too!

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  1. This is my second post attempt-hope it does not show up twice. I lived in Northern Maine in 1970. Did not have a cat--did not know anyone who had a cat--do not remember ever seeing a cat there. They must have all been lying in front of their fires on their rugs. No global warming then--snow 9 months a year. (Think I blogged Maine once.)

    Congrats on your blog as I see it growing.

    Peep thinks Nahum is a distant relative--not close as Peep had his danglies cut off. He is invited to the catrun. Peep is fine by the way.

    Nice new shelf with the new view (in the future blog).

    Greg & the Gang of Five


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