Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a dozen Roses

Even though Rose has been with us now for nearly two years, she still doesn't let us get near her. This makes getting pictures of her quite a challenge. She's either sleeping or I have to use a large telephoto lens. Rose is very anti-human!

Boxed Rose:

That's a nice box, is there a cat in that box?
I think I see an ear...

oh, now I see two ears and two eyes...

and there's a nose!

and the white chest, it's Rose!!

Sleeping Rose:

The love seat belongs to Rose. It's her personal fleece covered cat bed. She's seems to favor the left side. She also enjoys accessorizing with the little cow pillow.

Bonus Rose:

Might as well make it a baker's dozen as she's small.

Ok, one more!
Rose zonked out in her condo


  1. Sweet Rose...Isn't it great that she's loved, though, just as she is? :-)

  2. What a sweet girl. How nice of her to allow these photos!

  3. awwww - we feel the same way about Junior. He is cute, but mom has to love him from a distance. :)

  4. Rose is such a lovely cat.Our Mikki need also a lot off time to trust us.I know it will be o k in time.I do my best with the English,but it is not easy

  5. She is gorgeous! I love her decorating style.
    Jane x

  6. She is very pretty. Our Gemini is still not very friendly after six years--she comes out when she wants and will demand attention but other than that she is so shy she is nearly still feral.

  7. It's really hard when our kitties are anti-human. Rose does look very relax, though. Coco is also very much anti-human but will come close if I have treats. She has been with us since birth so it's hard to understand why she's so skittish around humans.

  8. Haha! I think I have a bazillion sleeping cat pictures myself! Can't get enough of em! :)

  9. Rose is like our Zoey, who is also ant-human and anti-other cats. Our mom can pet her and pick her up, but not for long and she will still run and hide. And this is after living here for 4 years!

  10. Cat's are especially cute when they are sleeping nose between paws.

  11. Rose is so adorable!! I guess she is a gal who just likes to do her own thing. :)
    xo Catherine

  12. Lucky Rose, to live with someone who understands and loves her just as she is.

  13. Ohhhh the memories that you evoked!! Rose is my "Angel Bobo" to a "T"!!!!!! If I didn't know better I would swear it was him....he is sooooooooo missed and he was deeply loved. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous girl! The last photo and the ears peeking out of the box are my faves :)

  14. I can not express to you how wonderful I think it is that you take care of a kitty that won't let you touch her..


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