Wednesday, August 29, 2012

urban cats

Thankfully I don't usually see many cats roaming around the downtown business district of the city where I work. Although occasionally it does happen.

When time and weather permit, I take a nice hour long walk down to the beach and back. The walking path is sandwiched between a busy shipping port terminal with a tall chain link fence and railroad tracks so it's not the most scenic path but it works.

Urban cat graffiti (you might need to bigify to really see)

Every summer for the past few years the city installs about a half dozen pianos on the sidewalks around the city. They are meant to be available for the public to play as they desire. The pianos are always painted up and decorated in various odd ways. This one is a cat, complete with whiskers.

I've seen this cat up on the roof numerous times. It likes to hang out up on the roof of the house (on the right) and bat at the pigeons who roost inside the roof. It waits in ambush just waiting for the pigeon to appear from the tattered roof and tries to swat them. 


  1. I especially love that piano; it's great! :-)

  2. That's a very unique piano and I, too, love to take in the neighbourhood cats with my camera.

  3. LOVE seeing this unusual thing. And the roof kitty too.

  4. LOVE that piano!!! It's so cool that your city puts pianos out for the public to play! I wish our city did that; I really miss playing. Thanks for sharing the great photos! :)

  5. I just LOVE the idea of putting pianos on the street for people to play and that one is just fabulous!
    I live in Detroit...the poor pianos would be stolen in a flash. :(

    1. Sounds like a nice way to spend lunch.

      Love the cat piano. Street art!


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