Monday, August 27, 2012

TNR big project quick update

Thank you everyone for your positive encouragement about my involvement in TNR, so far I love the work, it's very rewarding.

I didn't get much sleep this weekend, spent most of the weekend working on this project. I'll write up the whole adventure with pictures later in the week (after I catch up on sleep)! Right now I feel like I'm gonna just drop. Poor Oliver, he didn't get any of my time over the last four days, I have vowed to wake up early on Monday so I have some time with him.

Some preliminary numbers: 15 cats taken from the site today (Sunday) were spayed/neutered. 3 of those were boys, 11 were girls and 1 was a geriatric boy (pet) who was already neutered. Out of those females, 3 were pregnant, 2 were 5-weeks along with five kittens each and 1 was 1-2 weeks along. We still have one mom that needs trapping and we learned of some more kittens that need to be altered.

That's it for now, off to bed!


  1. Such great things you're doing! I've only recently learned of such things while taking on my new roomie. The lady dad works with works closely with several local programs that do the same thing. Bless you!!

  2. How wonderful. That is such a service to the cats and blessings to all.

  3. Wow, well done! Hope you catch up on sleep at some point this week!

  4. good job - we say that deserves a serious nap!!

  5. Wonderful job! We have to reduce the cat population! So many kitties and no one to take care of them! Hugs, Linda

  6. Pawsome! You must be tired. Have a good rest.


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