Friday, September 17, 2010

hairball goop

Max always hated getting his hairball goop. Being a longhaired cat he needed to have it regularily but he refused to eat it. I bought every flavor and brand hoping to find the one he would eat, but that never happened.

I had heard that if you dab some on their paw they will lick it off. That seemed simple enough so I tried it. He grumped at me and bolted away. He rubbed his paw all over the furniture and carpet but never licked it off! After the huge mess that was made all over the house, it was clear that he won that battle.

Willow and Theo are happy to eat the goop, but they don't really need it, being shorthaired. Nahum, mister fuzzball, is another story, and of course like Max, he wouldn't touch the stuff. Then one day I had a stroke of genius, why not occasionally mix in some of the goopy stuff into the wet food that he loves? Soon after doing this he started taking the hairball goop straight up! Yahoo! Now I just need to remember to give it too him before the hairball comes up!

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