Friday, September 17, 2010

the lodger

Update on the rescue.

I happen to notice the guy who owned the SUV stop and take off the note from the windshield of his truck. He was very helpful in assisting me in capturing the little girl. She eluded us for some time, crawling on top of the transmission but eventually we were able to poke her with a stick to get her to move back toward the engine compartment. She promptly disappeared in the radiator fan shroud.

Then another good samaritan who was wandering by joined in the assist and he was able to pick her up when she edged out just a little. He dropped her in the box I was holding and I carried her over to the vet.

One of the staff members recognized the kitten. Apparently a woman had found the stray kitten near her house, brought it to the vet to be scanned for a microchip. It had no chip so she planned to keep it overnight and bring it to the animal shelter in the morning. While carrying it back to her car it escaped from her arms and ran off. She wasn't able to find it again.

The vet usually takes in stray animals and holds them until the shelter can pick them up when they open again. However, they were not able to take this little girl tonight because they are housing a cat with a highly contagious upper respiratory infection. So, we get to give the little girl a place to stay overnight until the shelter opens in the morning or maybe we have a new member of the household!!

New kitty's temporary home.

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