Monday, September 6, 2010

kitty hotel

I just made the reservation for the kitties for their super-deluxe accommodations at the nearby kitty hotel. Vacation is nearing, and this was one of the remaining tasks to be checked off the list before flying away.

I always feel horrible for leaving the cats. Even though I know they are in good hands, the people there love them! Staff members tell stories of fighting each other for the opportunity to hold Theo. It's nice knowing they are not alone, as Max was, because they get to hang out with each other. I picture Nahum and Willow snuggling close, licking on each other to soothe away the long hours of boredom. Although, now with three cats, one of them, most likely Theo, will be alone in his own cage.

It's hard to think of them being deprived of all the love they usually get. They won't have the opportunity to run like crazy or to play for hours. They won't get their morning and evening snacks. No more naps in the sun or watching the world go by from their perch on the porch.

I know its only for a short time and they will endure, but I know they won't be happy there as they are in their usual surroundings and routine.

In times like this I remind myself that sometimes, one must make choices for oneself knowing that it will cause a loved one displeasure. It seems that is the fact of living into life. I chose to play with Theo and I see it causes Nahum distress. Or I go away for the day doing something fun for me on a sunny day knowing that the kitties will miss the chance to soak up the sun on the porch. If I limited my life to only doing what made the cats happy, my desires and dreams would fall victim to their desires and my life would become very narrow. A life fully consumed by cats leads to an escape from the fullness of life and resentment from missing out on life. Neither sound fun, so I choose to step into the hardship of knowingly making my cats be unhappy.

I suppose in an ideal world, I would have the money and time to be able to take them with me. That would be fun! Although, after reading in the news recently about a motorhome accident where the two onboard cats got scared and ran off has gotten me less excited about that option too.

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