Thursday, September 9, 2010

litter box ventilation

As I pondered ways to reduce the clay-litter dust, I wondered about improving ventilation at the box. Create negative pressure in the litter box so the clay-dust doesn't linger nor coat everything in the room.

A quick Google search and I found this site, Litter Box Vent Fan, which details how to make a vent to take care of litter box odor. I like the idea, I wonder if it would work as well for dust removal as it does for the odor.

So, I got to thinking, which lead to planning, which lead to building.

The plan:
Wood box with front side that opens, allowing for litter box to slide out (litter box base attached with glider drawer tracks for easy access).

Concept drawing #2, with access door open.

The building:
The base that will ultimately hold the litter box.

The fan/filter housing and wiring installed in the prototype.

The installing:
Finished prototype. Box under broom, behind litter box is the fan/filter housing.

A look inside the litter box housing. The circle at the top right of the photo is the vent going into the fan/filter housing.

The testing:
Willow, checking out the nearly finished prototype.

Moments later, Nahum has to try it out
The fan is a little exhaust fan from a computer and the filter is a folded over paper towel. I am not sure the fan is creating enough negative pressure as it is. There may be a need for a more air-tight hood with a flap-type door or maybe a bigger fan. I was pleased that the fan is quiet and the cats are not bothered by the sound or by having the box covered. For now, I will give the prototype a trial run while making notes on possible problems and then will make the necessary adjustments. 

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