Monday, September 20, 2010


It appears as though our family has unexpectedly grown once again! We have both fallen for our new little kitten friend. She is very lovey and playful. She likes rolling over to have her tummy rubbed, having her head rubbed and bopping her little nose against a human nose! Those are all great features!

At 2.2 pounds, she seems tiny. Before the kitten came on the scene Willow looked small, but now, after spending time with the kitten, Willow looks like a big cat and Nahum looks giant! That's weird!

The vet treated her for her bugs, but recommended for us to quarantine her from the other cats for two weeks in case she has an upper respiratory infection. So, we made her a cozy spot up in the office room - which also served as Theo's quarantine room. We brought up some toys for her to play with and she has been having a ball playing like crazy. She seems fairly at ease, which has been great.

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