Wednesday, November 24, 2010

captivating cat figurines

I received my first piece of cat-related junk mail. I assume it came to me because of my recent subscription to Cat Fancy magazine.

Willabee and Ward is offering me a deal on Captivating Cat Figurines. The first figurine is $2.95 and subsequent figurines are only $12.95 each. If I act soon, I will also get a deluxe wooden collector's display.

The figurines are made of porcelain and are hand painted by skilled artisans. Each figurine is about 1½ inches tall.

Judging by the presentation of the mailer, I bet the figurines are good quality. The question now is how fast can I mail in my reply so my figurines start coming! Then I will have to decide where I can place them in the house where one of the cats can't knock them down.

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