Monday, November 1, 2010


I have a big problem that needs an immediate solution.

Theo is driven by a relentless quest for food. He knows he is not allowed to eat human food but he always trys to get away with stealing off a plate or off the counter. Not too long ago, after dishing out my lunch onto a plate to be warmed up, I turned and walked the two steps to return the food to the refrigerator. Two seconds later when I turned back to my food, there was Theo on the counter speedily chowing down my lunch! I was not amused.

Recently, as rice was simmering on the gas stovetop, I saw Rose entertaining thoughts of jumping up on the stove. Moments later, I witnessed Theo jumping up onto the lit gas range. Images of a flaming cat shot into my mind and I flipped out.

I spent that evening researching deterrents. However, thus far, I haven't had much success with deterrents.

My cats must be hardier than the typical cats. I recently re-applied Sticky Paws strips on the loveseat to deter scratching. The idea is that cats don't like the feel of the sticky on their paws. My cats are not at all bothered by the sticky. It may mildly annoy them but certainly not enough for them to avoid it. Theo is so food fixated that I think he would put up with torture as long as he might get some food.

I have found several electronic deterrents, that either make a sound or spray air. Before investing in those more expensive options, I am going to try some cheaper things first.

The current attempt involves spreading aluminum foil on the stove. The first night this was in place, I heard the foil rattle 4 times!

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