Saturday, November 20, 2010

manual deterrent

Two strategically placed squirt bottles has not been enough to effectively provide deterrent coverage across the entire house. Today, I found the perfect solution at the local variety store - a handy 6 pick of small water pistols.

Before I knew it I was faced with a situation where I could put them to the test. As I was filling the pistols with water and trying them out, Theo hopped up on the counter to see what I was doing. I immediately said "off!" and squirted him on the backside. The pistol delivered a nice beam of water right to his left hindquarters. Theo had no reaction - he never even flinched, he nonchalantly continued about his business as if nothing had happened.

I may have just wasted $1.99!

I remember reading awhile back that Bengal cats actually like being in the water. Which was certainly true when we gave him a bath long ago. So, maybe I need to keep working on the deterrents.

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