Wednesday, November 3, 2010

electronic deterrents

I am trying to decide which electronic deterrent to try first. With both items, the goal is to scare the cat away.

Catscram Electronic Cat RepellentCatscram Electronic Cat Repellent, $34.95 at When motion is detected it emits a high-pitched electronic squeal that is inaudible to humans. It works on a 9-volt battery so it rather portable.

Contech StayAway Motion-Activated Pet Deterrent

Contech StayAway Automatic Pet Deterrent Refill Canister, $40.00 at When motion is detected the device emits either a loud sound and a burst of compressed air or just the sound. It works on 4 AAA batteries and canisters of compressed air. I'm not excited about needing to buy compressed air canisters to continue using the device, although I suspect any compressed air canister would work and I wouldn't be stuck buying their high-priced replacements.

What I can't figure out is how to avoid false alarms. My goal is to keep Theo off the counters and stove. So, I set up one of these devices to watch the area. But what happens when I walk by the stove to the fridge to get a snack? I have read the available reviews on these products, but no one mentions that potential problem.

I am half way tempted to visit Radio Shack and get the parts to build my own system using laser beams that when broken emit a sound. That way the system could be easily be disabled when humans were using the space.

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