Friday, January 20, 2012

farewell Peep

My friend, Greg_1948, over at The Feline Cafe lost his beloved Peep today after a long battle with cancer.

photo courtesy of Feline Cafe/Greg_1948
Greg_1948 was owned by Peep for 16 wonderful years. Peep was a sweet boy who will be deeply missed. Peep leaves behind four kitty friends.

The Feline Cafe has been offline for awhile but appears to be back up to announce the sad news about Peep, but for some reason it is not allowing comments to be left. However, comments for Greg_1948 can be left over at the New Feline Cafe.


  1. Always sad to hear of the loss of a sweet kitty!

  2. Yes, It is always really sad to hear about he loss of a furry friend. God Speed, Peep.

  3. What a wonderful long life he had. But it's never long enough for us. God Speed, Peep.

  4. we are sending extr is always so hard

  5. What a sad sad thing..I know that..losing your feline companion deeply loved. But Peep knew how much he was loved as did my Admiral. We have that knowledge to comfort us.

    xox Katie

  6. Our furry friends stay in our heart forever!
    xo Catherine

  7. I have been without power due to the great Northwest snow/ice/and wind storms for two days. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SENTIMENTS. He died at home with me and I was there with him to the very end.


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