Friday, January 13, 2012


Last night when I went to bed, Oliver and one of the kittens were sleeping together in Oliver's house.

Here is the scene this evening:

1/12/2012 10:45pm
Oliver is the one on the roof. I'm assuming the two inside are the kittens. The outside temperature is 33.8°F (1°C) while inside Oliver's house the air temperature is 49.2°F (9.6°C). I'm sure the temperature on the heating pad is quite warmer than that. 

As you can see we have ourselves a situation here. I hope Oliver squeezes into the warm kitty house for a family snuggle rather than spending the night on the roof. I'm not sure what the maximum kitty capacity is for Oliver's house, I built it with just Oliver in mind.

The weather is forecast to get colder over the weekend with a chance of snow. Now that the kittens have discovered the warm heating pad in Oliver's house, I'm guessing they may be here to stay. In an attempt to ease the overcrowding situation, I have ordered a second heating pad that should arrive by Saturday. It will be installed in the smaller insulated kitty house, which I believe is currently unoccupied.


  1. I love this picture with all three looking back at you. I'm so glad these dear kitties have heat. I too hope that Oliver goes back in the house.

  2. Aw, it sure looks like there's room in there for everyone, I hope they share too!

  3. It's rough when you get squatters!

    Thanks for coming over to CATachresis and leaving a comment. Nice to meet you :)

  4. I hope Finally they share !
    and thanks to you to prepare for extra.
    Purrs for them

  5. Mr Oliver is quite the gentlemen to give up his warm pad for the babes! I hope you get the heating pad in time for Oliver!

  6. darn kids. :) I bet he can get in there....just have to tell the kids to move over a little. But we are glad you are getting another heating pad for the other house....

  7. A good snuggle on a cold night looks in order. Glad you ordered another heating pad because I think the younger kitties have moved in! hugs to Oliver he is such a sweetie. Linda

  8. Perhaps move the empty house next to the occupied one like a motel, and maybe they will use both if close together? 27 degrees F this morning.

  9. Glad to meet you from Admiral's blog. I see Oliver has company in his house. If you need any advice on TNR - just pop a email. All of my cats are rescued ferals - all have been trapped neutered and released orignally until we moved and took them all with us!

  10. I love the three pair of glowing eyes. It's wonderful that you're doing this for Oliver and his family.


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