Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Snow is falling and more is in the forecast. We don't get much snow here in the Pacific Northwest, so when it snows it's a big deal. I might have to go out and shovel a path for Oliver and his family to get to the Dining Hall!

I love seeing the snow fall. It's one of the many things I miss about New England and da UP of Michigan.

A quick note about Oliver. I'm still in awe of him. When his family started coming over and spending overnights in Oliver's large heated house, he moved over to the smaller house. Each night, I see the two kittens and Mama Kitty all snuggled up together in Oliver's house. What a generous guy, that Oliver.

The kitty house on the left is where Oliver now sleeps. The larger house
 is sheltered under the pine tree and behind the Rhododendron bush.

Dining Hall is on the left, Oliver's new house on the right.

Oliver heading over to get some yums.

Dining Hall well stocked with provisions.

I couldn't resist taking a walk in the snow. I love the sound of falling snow! It's a sound like no other - a quiet sound as the snow muffles all the environmental sounds. Then there's the crunch of the snow underfoot. So many memories come back experiencing a simple walk in the snow. Reminds me of the many snowshoe walks I used to take in the woods back in the day.

I love the look of fresh snow in the trees.

A break in the clouds in the West over the Port of Everett.

Back at home, the snow has accumulated to about
 5 inches (12.7cm) and it continues to fall.

The forecast is for another 5-10 inches of snow tomorrow! That should be fun. Oliver will be in for a surprise when he awakens to find all this snow!


  1. That Oliver is a very special guy! So glad you got another heating pad...lots of snow!

  2. I think Oliver has found his home. I also think we have you beat for snow.

  3. Oliver, You are one of the coolest kitty.
    I never seen snow, but I'm pretty sure I love warm stuff inside the house.

  4. Wonderful pictures. I love snow, too. I know it crates havoc with driving and people and animals keeping warm, but it's just so beautiful when it blankets everything. I know what you mean by the sound of snow. That muffled quiet. So far, we've had almost an inch in St. Louis - total. That doesn't even count as snow. Send the snow to Missouri, please. Kim is having ice in Canada, but have you seen her pictures? Just beautiful.

  5. What a gent Oliver is!! I hope the kitties are warm and safe!


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