Saturday, January 21, 2012

new weather proof cat door

First an update on Oliver. Thankfully, he did reappear last night and stayed warm and dry all night in his larger house. He even woke me up in the middle of the night, crying on the roof outside the second floor window - poor guy, he hadn't got any loves all day and he was needing some. He didn't get any then though because I had to attend to my wounds received in trying to stop Buddy from trying to get through the window. Anyway, I love that he's back!

Last year I installed the windoor to the front porch, which gives the cat's access to the enclosed front porch whenever they so choose. It works well for us, due to giving us easy control over when they have access and when they do not just by removing the unit from the window.

Theo loves hanging out on the enclosed back porch, so a solution was needed to allow the cats controlled access to the back porch without letting the cold air in. The answer is the Small Ruff-Weather Pet Door. It has two flexible flaps and an air space in the middle between the flaps. Each flap has magnets on the bottom, so they always seal up fairly well and do a great job at keeping the cold air from getting in. I installed it in the wall near the back door to the mudroom. 

Nahum navigates the new door.

Theo squeezing through. The door is a little small for big Theo, but he manages.

Buddy, working his way through the door. You can see the first flap on his head 
while he is about to go through the second flap.


This new cat door has been in and working now for a little while, and I am very impressed. It does a great job keeping the cold air outside. Installation was a bit of a challenge, but that may have been more due to installing it in an old house.


  1. Thank God Oliver is back! I'm glad the kitties like the cat looks like a nice one.

  2. I am so glad Oliver is back! I hope he gets some loving today. That cat door is pretty awesome. You live in a very cold area so it is needed for sure.

  3. That looks great. Give that Oliver a hug for me and tell him I am happy he is back.

  4. Hurrah for poor Oliver! I'm sure he'll get his petting topped off today...
    Nice cat door! Scott built a little vestibule/windbreak by one of ours that leaked a lot of air; I like yours even better.

  5. Glad Oliver is back! Must have been quite traumatic having a tree fall on his house.
    Nice pet door. I wish our cats had a way of being outside in a controlled environment without being able to escape.

  6. Glad Oliver is back and safe. Good job on the cat door...

  7. Great addition with that new weather proof door!

    We haven't been around much lately. Thank you for your caring words on Abby.They are so appreciated at this time when the Mom is freaking out over her illness.

  8. Glad Oliver is safe and home. We put a cat door in our old home to give the cats access to the enclosed porch too. Not as insulated as yours but it worked.

  9. I am truly relieved that Oliver is back. That was a real concern. xox

  10. I'm so glad to hear Oliver is back!

    That door is great!

  11. Oh soooo so glad that Oliver is back!!!
    Love the door!


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