Friday, February 25, 2011

cat in a tree rescue

I hope I never need to solicit the services of Dan Kraus, but I sleep better knowing he is out there.

Dan, a certified arborist and professional tree climber, has a soft spot for rescuing cats that are stuck in trees, even if that requires climbing 80 feet of tree with just rope. Since starting his Dan's Cat in a Tree Rescue Service, he has traveled all around the Pacific Northwest rescuing more than 750 cats.

On his website, Cat in a tree rescue, he has posted numerous stories with pictures of cats being rescued. I love these rescue stories, here is a sample:


Jasmin was Sarah’s cat.  She went up a tree on Friday and could not get down.  They tried everything but all Jasmin would do is cry for help.  Sarah was worried sick, Jasmin was only six months old and would usually sleep with Sarah at night. That night neither of them got much sleep.
The next day was Sarah’s birthday, she was five.  Everyone came over for a big birthday party in the back yard.  The party was not going so well because Jasmin's meows were crying out and Sarah could think of nothing but her cat.
I don’t know how they finally got my number but after I got Jasmin down I was the hero of the party and got some birthday cake with a glass of milk.
Dan is my hero. I love that he is out there doing this needed service for good people. I also appreciate that he created his website with lots of helpful information, including a directory of professionals around the world who will assist if you find yourself needing someone to rescue your cat from a tree. The Arboreal Cat Rescuers Guide is also not to be missed.

Thanks Dan for doing what you do.

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  1. I found this somewhere and saved the link. Didn't even think to share on my blog but thanks for doing this. It is awesome to know that people out there are doing stuff like this.


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