Monday, February 14, 2011


Sometimes the reality that cats are not fluent in English really gets to me. It's not that I want them to be fully fluent but I want them to fully understand three words, one little phrase, "I love you."

I tell them these words often and they don't respond. I might as well be saying "the moon is made of cheese." The words themselves may not mean much to the cats, but I believe they know love by actions and the tone of words and sounds. I don't really know it works that way for sure, but I do believe it.

I wonder if cats even have the ability to feel love like humans. Do they even have that area of their brain like humans, that allows for the feelings of love? I don't know, but based on anecdotal evidence they certainly understand affection and being close. But is affectionate the same as love? Love is so complex.

Without empirical evidence to back me up, I am left with faith alone. I hope they have the capacity to fully know they are loved and valued. And even if they don't understand my spoken words, I am going to keep telling them anyways. I might even reinforce my words with the occasional extra treat just in case!


  1. In my house, they may not understand the word love, but Tommy understands the word "cheese". MOL

    I know what you mean though. While I don't want to give them too many "human" traits, I would like to think that they understand that I care about them. Of course, when Tommy got lost last summer, we didn't hear him cry until he heard me outside talking to a neighbor. So at least I think I have some sign that he knows I am safe. And sometimes that is enough.

  2. I am pawsitive they do feel love. It may not be "exactly" the same as humans, but I think this emotion is universal no matter what the species. And I have faith that have the ability to know and feel when they are loved and valued. My cats mirror it back to me with headbonks and by snuggling into me when I hug them. That's Amore!


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