Thursday, February 24, 2011

the deal

Couples fight about many things, one frequent category is division of labor. Long ago Laura and I struck a deal pertaining to caring for the cats. I would be responsible for what comes out the back end of the cat and she would handle what comes out the front.

I get to empty the litter box twice daily, and take care of the monthly deep cleaning of the litter boxes.

She gets to clean up the hairballs and other items that randomly come out the front end. The other day Rose got sick. As Laura was cleaning it up she noticed something weird about the vomit - it was unusual. There was something long and stringy in it. We both immediately thought of worms. Further investigation revealed Rose had apparently eaten 6-10 inches of the multi-colored fleece string wand toy. Thankfully she got sick.

Rose playing with the multi-colored fleece string wand toy

None of the other cats have ever chewed through a toy and eaten a big chunk of it, so we never thought it would be a problem to leave the fleece toy down. Now, the fleece string wand toy has a home inaccessible to the kitties. I am so grateful she barfed it up and she didn't need to be cut open for the third time in as many months.


  1. Yep - it is amazing the things they will eat. We are glad Rose hacked it back up though...

  2. She chews and eats the pine needles and the string is chewed up because she is Teething!

  3. Opie ate through the hemp rope on my homemade cat scratcher. She also likes the tv cable behind the tv sets! Tasty! Zeke prefers expensive computer power cables only available thru the internet. Watch your power cords. Remember the cat in the film "Christmas Vacation!" Constant vigilance is required!!

  4. Poor baby. I'm glad she got sick to remove that string. I bet it didn't feel good in her belly.
    I like the cleanup arrangement you have devided up. We have the opposite arrangement at The Very Best Cats. You just get kind of used to those things after a while.


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