Tuesday, October 4, 2011

annoying neighbors

Amazing how snoopy neighbors can be. The neighborhood cats have heard that BK has found a nice Kitty House all his own and so they're coming to check it out.

Sadly, some have chosen to pester BK in his new home. What makes it especially annoying is that these neighborhood cats have human homes they go home to at night. For whatever reason, they have decided to harass BK while he tries to sleep in his home.

Bushy Kitty is very cautious as he approaches BK's home.

 After sitting in front of BK's house for quite a long time, he decides to peek in the window.

BK is not giving much response to Bushy Kitty's presence, so Bushy Kitty decides to hang out on the roof. It seems Bushy Kitty is trying to provoke BK.

Still no response, so Bushy Kitty decides to increase his level of harassment by staring at BK through the doorway. 

BK didn't seem to give any response. Bushy Kitty eventually got bored and walked away. 

But before leaving the yard, he went over to the Dining Hall and peed all over the inside of it. Bushy Kitty is now known as Evil Bushy Kitty.

Needless to say, this did not make me happy. I got the chance to try out some of the special enzyme cleaner I won in the Pawcurious giveaway - the stuff works great! Meanwhile, I am contemplating design changes to prevent Evil Bushy Kitty from having another go.

 The next day, Gray Kitty comes for a visit.

Gray Kitty watched for a while from it's high perch. 

After no response, Gray Kitty also gets bored and moves on.

It would be nice to think the neighborhood cats were just being neighborly but Evil Bushy Kitty made a clear unfriendly statement. BK seemed to take it all in stride, he didn't seemed too fazed by the visitors. He has been spending more and more time in his home. I still need to insulate it yet, which will be a challenge with him often sleeping in his home. 


  1. Aw, poor BK, he does seem to take it all in stride, though. We're so glad he has you to offer him a terrific shelter and good food!

  2. That was RUDE!!! (not to mention mom suspects one of your neighbors may need to neuter their cats) Poor BK - we hope he gets to nap in peace for a while.

  3. BK is a super cool guy! Bushy Kitty was NOT nice! Hope he does not visit again!

  4. Now that the daytime drama "All My Children" is cancelled, now we have high drama here on "All My Cats." Maybe you should name your Kitty Town Dodge Catty (from Dodge City) and the dining hall the Long Tail (from the Long Branch Saloon run by Miss Kitty no less in the old drama Gunsmoke).

  5. Yay for BK. Just because he's lucky enough to have people who care about him, the others can't stand it and have to be bratty. Just wait until BK gets his insulation and some blankets, they'll have to haunt him more.

  6. We think some of the cats are just curious. We have kitties come visit us at the patio door. That was very naughty for Evil Bushy Kitty to spray the dining hall.

  7. Oh BK! We hope those neighborhood kitties leave your house alone.

  8. Bushy Kitty, you are a bad, bad boy!

  9. Bushy Kitty...spray bottle for YOU. Leave BK's home alone RIGHT NOW!


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