Sunday, October 9, 2011


Thanks everyone for the supportive and encouraging words, I very much appreciate it. You are all a kind group of kitties and humans. As you might have noticed, when it comes to animals in distress, I quickly also go into distress. Which is one of several reasons I never lived into my childhood dream of being a veterinarian.

Much of my anxiety I was feeling Friday evening was relieved when Saturday morning at 6:30am BK was waiting by the back door as usual, for his breakfast to be served. He greeted me with his "good to see you" hiss and followed me over to the Dining Hall. His limp was less dramatic than the last time I had seen him. 

My plan for the day was to rent a trap and to insulate BK's home. Thankfully, both were fairly easily accomplished. BK went elsewhere as I remodeled his home. He now has a fully insulated spacious home to enjoy.

Sunday morning brought the same, a morning hiss by the back door before breakfast. As I have seen him walk, his limp varies from pronounced to mild. He seems to have his full appetite back now, which is a good sign.

10/8/11 1:20pm
My experience with traps is very limited. In college, as a member of The Wildlife Society, I assisted some researchers on a study of squirrels, which required live trapping them, ear tagging them, and collecting data once they were caught. I don't remember that experience being very traumatizing for me - and yet that was a forever long time ago and I never had an emotional attachment to any of the squirrels.

Trying to trap BK is an interesting exercise for me. It involves creating intense short-term distress (for BK and myself) but for long-term gain, something I really struggle with. Back in the day of administering Max Sub-Q fluids this was a real big challenge for me to work through. Anyways, after doing some online research (Ally Cat Allies) on how to trap cats, I realized that it would be best to serve BK his breakfast in the trap. Especially since in the morning as he smells and anticipates his wet food breakfast he is most bold.

I failed in being able to follow-through on that plan today. I feel a little more ready to engage the short-term distress for long-term gain concept. Especially after reading this on Ally Cat Allies, How to trap a colony:
It is normal for cats to thrash around inside the trap. You may be tempted to release a thrashing cat because you fear that she will hurt herself, but cats calm down once the trap is covered. Remember, you are doing this for her benefit.... Also, most injuries from traps are very minor, such as a bruised or bloody nose or a scratched paw pad.
I remember the squirrels would thrash about wildly in the traps to the point of getting bloody. Covering the traps with towels did immediately calm them. Certainly, the "remember you are doing this for their benefit" sentence was written just for me. I need to emblazon that in the forefront of my mind.

So, while I am home, I have the baited trap set, just in case BK wants to spare me the extra guilt feelings of having to serve him breakfast in the set trap.

10/8/11 1:40pm
Meanwhile, while I wrestle with all these crazy feelings, BK has settled in for a nap on the soft, catnip enhanced, blanket on the back porch. Sweet dreams my friend.

10/8/11 1:41pm


  1. May Bastet bless you for being such a good friend to BK! I wish you the best of luck getting him to the vet with as little stress to both of you as possible. It's good to hear he's eating and happy enough to rest in full view; he's not hiding and in obvious pain. This reminds me so much of how we adopted Rupert, who was a stray that came to trust us one summer, and developed a HUGE abscess on his behind, most likely from losing a battle for a queen. He came TO us, and let us see he needed help--he's been indoors since and never once been interested in the big bad outdoors.

  2. So far so good for me ! It's good to hear he is continue his schedule normal and his limp look better than last time. I'm sure you will get BK so soon !
    Paws Crossed and Purrs for that !
    Thanks for the update
    Take Care

  3. Purrrrrring that you catch BK with minimal discomfort to all concerned.

  4. Mom feels bad about the kitties in the traps too, but she knows it is for their own good - especially after the 3rd litter of kittens. MOL We know it is hard, but remember that BK needs your help and you will be forgiven....all in good time. :) Keeping the trap covered really is the key.

  5. Oh BK you need to see the vet so we can all know you are OK. Good luck and praying for an easy trap. hugs, Linda

  6. BK knows you like him--the food and the blankee tell him that! :) You'll get BK and he'll feel better. Quite the regal mancat of mancats, I think. Keep us posted!


  7. OK, BK. Every thing is ready for you. Time for your closeup.


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