Tuesday, October 11, 2011

tussle tuesday

A double shot of tussling fun.

Rose and Buddy play king of the ottoman.

That's quite the pose Rose is holding, lets take a closer look.

Rose looks a little desperate.

Buddy has no problem repelling Rose's attack.

After losing round one with Buddy, Rose finds an easier target, Nahum, who appears to have passed out in the nip. 

Rose: Nahums, I'm gonna get yous!

Rose: Nahums, you sleepin?

Rose: Ack! I'm gonna doubly get yous now!

Nahum: not if I gets you first!



Rose: I wons! I wons!
Nahum: I let you wins, cuz you're still littles and cutes.


  1. Rose, we think you have excellent ninja moves, as evidenced by that second photo!

    Nahum, we think Rose won because you definitely seem to be passed out in the nip. :-D

    LOVED seeing your tussles! We haven't had a Tuesday Tussle in forever, it seems, so it's great to see others stepping up to the plate!

  2. What fun!!! Good for Buddy to find a defensible spot.....and Nahum does appear to have a minor nip problem there.... Good work Rose!

  3. We lufs tussles--ours or others!

  4. Rose has some serious battle ears, cool!

  5. Look at Rose's pose! She's really good at that! LOL at Nahum's nip indulgence. Great tussles!


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