Monday, October 17, 2011

new tube box toy

I built one of these back in June and was very pleased with the result, so I thought it was time to build new ones. A few things I learned from the first time I built one:

  • Build two - Theo hogs one to himself and the other cats didn't get a chance to play. 
  • Use two strings per box to attach to furniture. Theo was very zealous in his efforts to extract the food, one string wasn't enough to hold it secure and it was too easily trashed.

The idea is simple. Glue toilet paper rolls into a tissue box then tie it to something sturdy. Sprinkle a bunch of kibble in the tubes, then sit back and enjoy the fun! 

The cats love these toys! They are all very good with their paw-eye and paw-nose coordination. Thanks to Lisa for helping me collect toilet paper tubes and tissue boxes. 


  1. OMC - that is AWESOME!!! we are going to make mom "steal" your idea.....this should keep everyone here busy for a while. :)

  2. Awesome indeed! We'd do just about anything for extra kibble right now. ;-P

  3. Oooh...we're going to have our mom make us one of those!

  4. Oh I think Charlie would love this and it would be good for him to have to 'work' for it!! hugs, Linda

  5. Great idea. I think I may have to borrow this one.


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